The Technical Embroidery Systems of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH enables with the use of new and innovative techniques the laying and fixing of different media on textile and/or flexible carrier material.

The laying with ZSK embroidery machines, meaning the fixing through embroidering is one of the most accurate and efficient production methods.

Media like wires and any kind of fibers, tubes and optical fibers can be layed flexible and will be fixed secure and strongly through embroidery techniques like the ZigZag stitch. Materials with different conditions like Polyamid, Polyester, PPS or Aramid are available as a yarn. For products with special load requirements yarns with a steel core can be used if applicable.

Advantage Superior Flexibility

The outstanding and essential difference between the processes of ZSK's Technical Embroidery Systems and techniques like weaving, knitting or even braiding consists into the absolutely free and flexible laying of the media at the 2-dimensional level of the carrier material.

The laying is limited only by the physical characteristic of the media.

Advantage High Level of Automation

A significant higher efficiency can be achieved at the production of technical textiles by using our advanced automation techniques.

Quality, production output and labour costs will benefit on a high level from the options which are available for any machine of ZSK's Technical Embroidery Systems.

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